Song-Liste und Gitarrenhals

herbe Song-Liste

Wir sind ständig am Basteln, Proben und Tun!
Songs werden ausprobiert, verworfen, transponiert, zer-hack-stückelt, verteufelt, geliebt, bis zum erbrechen geprobt.....
....das braucht seine Zeit ;-)

Unsere herbe Playlist (Stand Feb. 2022):

- Bodies (by Drowning Pool)
- Bombtrack (by RATM)
- Breed (by Nirvana)
- Crackerman (by Stone Temple Pilots)
- Dead and bloated (by Stone Temple Pilots)
- Down (by Stone Temple Pilots)
- Fight for your Right (Beastie Boys)
- fliegender Stein (by HERB)
- Lemky Song (by HERB)
- Little Monster (by Royal Blood)
- Plush (by Stone Temple Pilots)
- Psycho (by Muse)
- Push it (by Static-X)
- Sex type thing (by Stone Temple Pilots)
- Song 2 (by Blur)
- Stories (by Theraphy?)
- Take the power back (by RATM)
- Taper Jean Girl (by Kings of Leon)
- Teenage angst (by Placebo)
- The beautiful people (by M. Manson)
- Weltuntergang (by HERB)
- Zähneputzen, pullern... (by Knorkator)
- zum Wohle (by HERB)